Q: How long will I receive therapy?
A: Each person receives therapy as long as they qualify under Medicare guidelines. The maximum benefit under Medicare is 100 days but there is no guarantee of 100 days. Length of stay and Medicare coverage is based on the resident’s individual needs and progress.

Q: Will I still see my primary physician and attend medical appointments as needed?
A: While you are at Iroquois, your primary care provider will be our Medical Director, who provides care in conjunction with our physician extenders. Before leaving the facility, we will schedule an appointment with your primary care provider in the community within 30 days of discharge. As far as outside appointments are concerned, our HIM department will schedule any medically necessary appointments that are directly related to your stay here and transportation will be provided. If you have a family member that will be accompanying you to the appointment they can either choose to meet you at the doctor’s office or meet you here and ride along with you.

Q: What types of clothing should I bring for my stay?
A: Residents are welcome to bring in clothes they would normally wear on a daily basis. We recommend clothing that will be comfortable for you while you are participating in therapy, along with pajamas and sleepwear.

Q: How can I get a private room?
A: Private rooms are based on medical necessity, and are generally reserved for infection control and end of life. Each individual need is assessed for the best quality of life for the resident.

Q: How long is the waiting period for room availability?
A: While this is difficult to assess, rest assured that once an application is submitted, the person is placed on our waiting list.

Q: Can we bring the residents on trips/outdoors?
A: Yes. In order to ensure the optimal safety of our residents, they must be signed out prior to exiting the floor, and then signed in upon return.

Q: Can we bring in medications from home?
A: There is no need to bring in medications from home. We have a pharmacy onsite that dispenses all needed medications.

Q: What is the nurse to patient ratio for the floor?
A: As it varies based on occupancy, we keep up-to-date staffing information posted in the lobby across from the reception desk.

Q: What are the visiting hours?
A: Visiting hours are 8:00 a.m. – 8:30 p.m. daily, with special circumstances for visitation, such as end of life, evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Can family members spend the night?
A: In some instances, yes. We review each case individually to determine the appropriateness.

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